We offer two high-quality Cabinet Product Lines: the Craftsman Line and our Custom Line. These cabinets will enhance your home with unique luxury, exquisite workmanship, function and durability for a lifetime of beauty and inspiration. Transform any room with either cabinet line, and you’ll be certain to enhance the value, style, ambiance and comfort of your home.

Both lines are designed and produced using the high quality handcrafted construction and finishing techniques that Cooley Products are known for. We use only the finest materials combined with the best of modern and old-world techniques to give you the strongest, most durable cabinet you will ever own. Solid wood, MDF and quality maple or birch veneered plywood are used in all of our cabinets. A wide range of finishes and stains are available, and customized finishes can be created to give you the look you desire.

Both lines come in a wide range of cabinet fronts and finishes.

Regardless of the product line you choose, you’ll experience the unparallelled service, quality workmanship and a lifetime of beauty and style. Whether traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, you can be certain that your cabinets will provide exceptional beauty and trouble free use for your kitchen or any other room in your home.